New certification and... new vulnerability from Atlassian

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New certification and... new vulnerability from Atlassian

Atlassian has released another certificate for Jira Cloud. This time you can confirm your competence as Organization Admin. Importantly, the certificate can help you achieve the Atlassian Certified Expert status. There`s another information, which I`m less enthusiastic about: the Confluence vulnerability. It requires an application upgrade.

Atlassian, understandably, consistently develops and promotes cloud applications. One of the elements of these activities is the new certification for Organization Admin, a role that occurs only in Cloud. The certificate is one of the requirements for obtaining the Atlassian Certified Expert title. More information and registration can be found HERE. The exam is available at a discounted price ($100 instead of $249) for a limited period.

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Confluence vulnerability

Less positive news concerns a high-risk vulnerability discovered in Confluence. The description from Atlassian is not very precise for me, it says that the security hole allows an authenticated attacker to access resources that can be further used to destabilize the entire application.

More information on the vulnerability can be found HERE and HERE

Affected versions:

  • >= 7.13.15 and < 7.13.19
  • >= 7.19.7 and < 7.19.11
  • >= 8.1.1 and < 8.4.1

If you have an application in one of the above versions, it should be upgraded to

  • 7.13.19,
  • 7.19.11,
  • 8.4.1 or the latest.

If you need help with upgrading the application in your organization, write to contact[at] or use the CONTACT ME.

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