Do you use these apps? Be careful!

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Do you use these apps? Be careful!

Out of memory errors, too many Java threads, application unavailable… is this an admin nightmare? Or maybe some “ordinary” problems that can be encountered using popular applications for Jira Server and DC? Check what to watch out for when installing some of them.

Holidays are in progress but I have to share with you a page that will help you save your time and nerves and, I hope, prevent you from entering an administrator`s landmine. It’s been useful to me lately as well. In the documentation, Atlassian provides a list of errors that can be encountered in individual versions of external applications: LINK HERE.

Atlassian reserves that the list is not complete and contains only problems reported by application vendors or users themselves. So if you come across a bug that is not on the list, be sure to report it to the provider.

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