About the author

Hello, my name is Łukasz Przybyłowicz. I`m an Atlassian Certified Expert and Linux system administrator. I have started my adventure with computer science in late 90s, creating websites with programs such as polish Pajaczek, Frontpage or … Notepad. In 2001 I earned my first money for a website. Not much, but enough to buy my first guitar. I still have it. Since then, music has taken the first place in my life. I have recorded three solo albums, was on a concert tour and co-running music school. But the IT world was asking for me, so I came back to develop further.


Why did I create the jiraforthepeople.com blog?

  • to satisfy my journalistic and editorial hunger (I worked for several years as a journalist)
  • because I like sharing knowledge and exchanging experience (I was also a teacher)
  • because I am a Jira administrator and I wanted to contribute to the Atlassian community

Regardless of the role I play, two attitudes are most important to me: the student and the teacher. On the one hand, I am happy to pass on my knowledge further, on the other, I listen and ask questions, because I always assume that someone knows something that I don’t.

If you need Atlassian environment consulting, configuration advice, migration planning or customization – I`m ready to help. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, contact [at] jiraforthepeople.com or via form below.