Preparing for an APB-220 exam

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Preparing for an APB-220 exam

Hello there! Quick update from the administrator. These days I`m preparing to APB-220 Confluence Space Administration exam. In today`s post I want to share some materials which are helpful to me. Enjoy!

APB-220 Confluence Space Administration exam gives you Pro Skills Badge and it`s one of the steps needed to be made in order to earn the Atlassian Certified Expert title, which is my goal:)

If you want to prepare for the Confluence test as well or just to fortify your knowledge, these materials would be helpful: – LinkedIn has it`s learning platform. It is paid but if you want to save the money, good news: first month is free. I think it`s enough time to finish some valuable courses. At this time you can find two Confluence materials there: Learning Confluence 2018
and Installing and Administering Atlassian Confluence (by the way, I also recommend you one of the newest Jira courses by Rachel Wright: Jira: Advanced Administration)
Configuring and Troubleshooting Permissions in Confluence
Confluence Content Management
Using Confluence for Documentation and Knowledge Bases
APB-220 Sample Questions
– and of course Confluence Documentation for Cloud and for Server

Good luck with your preparation and if you have some questions or materials that can be useful, don`t hesitate to share them in the comments section.

    1. In my opinion – not at all. Free resources and fair amount of experience are enough. Of course, if you can afford $400, it will boost your self-confidence and fill some gaps in your knowledge.

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