Take the helping hand - introducing Jira Helpers

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Take the helping hand - introducing Jira Helpers

Ongoing assistance to users is a part of Jira Administrator everyday`s work. The first step in determining what to do is the so-called gap analysis – the difference between the current and target configuration state. Jira offers some helpful tools here: check out Jira Helpers.

When solving problems reported by users, you should know the context and all of the involved elements, e.g.
– Global Permissions
– Permissions at the project level (Screen Scheme, Notification Scheme, Permission Scheme, Issue Security Scheme, Field Configuration Scheme)
– Default User Preferences

That`s where Jira Helpers come to the picture. Such mechanisms will give us detailed information on the configuration: check the patency of notifications, issue access and visibility of fields in the context of a given task. To run Permission and Notification Helpers you should call the administrator menu (“.” or “gg” on the keyboard) in the task view. In turn, to find a problem with the field configuration, you need to select Configure Fields -> Where is my field? in the task creation or editing view (create / edit screen). Below you can see what the described tools look like.

Feel free to comment and contact: contact@jiraforthepeople.com.

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