Turn yourself off before it`s too late

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Turn yourself off before it`s too late

Do you also have the impression that despite remote work, no commuting to the office and no talks over coffee, you spend more time behind your desk? It`s confirmed by data that Atlassian shared on its blog. The trend looks worrying. To restore balance, you need the ability be “off-line” more often.

Atlassian sounds the alarm: analyzing how our work style has changed in recent months, a healthy work-life balance is in danger. Depending on the country, we are at work an average of 30 minutes more every day than before the epidemic. We start earlier and finish later. We also work more intensively in the mornings and evenings, and less during the day, but even during breaks … we think about work. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we now have to combine household duties with professional ones, which inevitably makes our working day longer.

The recipe is the ability to cut off for a moment, reduce the information flood, relax. I encourage you to read the data from the cited article, but also to listen to your body – when it needs to rest, let it rest!

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