Jira Service Management goes (Percept) A.I.

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Jira Service Management goes (Percept) A.I.

Imagine 24/7 personalized application support, which always knows the context of your problem. Done? Now combine it with predictive issue assignment, predictive triage and intelligent automation? What do you get? A.I. driven Jira Service Management.

Actually there already are A.I. components in Jira Service Management which help categorize, triage and fasten the flow of the ticket. But as the ticket reporter we still need to wait for the support response. That’s where Percept.AI comes to the picture.

Percept.AI is the maker of virtual agent technology, which engine analyzes and understands intent, sentiment, context, and profile information to personalize interactions. Such solution is quite popular but its combination with JSM takes the latter to completely different level. And what`s important, the implementation and adjustment to the company needs won’t require any coding.

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