Podcast: Alex Ortiz

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Podcast: Alex Ortiz

If you were looking for tutorials on Jira administration on the Internet, you’ve definitely come across one of his materials. Alex Ortiz bet everything on one card and decided to become the most prolific content creator about Jira and Atlassian tools. Did he succeed? Check it out!

Alex quit his job and devoted himself to his YouTube channel. In May, he announced the Summer of Jira, a 100-day endeavor between Memorial Day and Labor Day in the US. During this time, he published one video about Jira every day. At first, the traffic was small, but over time his channel grew to over 4,000 followers. During our conversation, we spoke about what his entrepreneur path looks like and what are his future plans. He also told how he deals with the fear of rejection (here is his article on the subject), from which he made his driving force.

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