Deal you can not throw away. Check if it also applies to you

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Deal you can not throw away. Check if it also applies to you

“February 15 is not a verdict,” one might say. We are talking about the end date of support for Jira Server and the need to make a Data Center vs. Cloud decision. But Atlassian is revealing more cards that may make this decision more difficult.

If you use Automation in Jira Cloud, read carefully. Atlassian introduces new limits for running specific jobs/automations.

1. First of all, it introduces limits per product – i.e. separate ones for Jira Software, separate ones for JSM and so on.

2. Secondly, beware, it reduces their number. Example: for Jira Software Standard version, we had a limit of 500 executions per month for GLOBAL scripts. Design scripts could be run without limits.

However, from November 1, this number will be changed!

To 1,700 in this case. Wait a minute! After all, 1700 is more than 500. Yes, but now design scripts will also count – which will force many Standard users to switch to Premium.

If your organization’s budget assumed Jira Cloud Standard version, join the discussion as soon as possible and verify what the situation looks like in your case. The exchange of opinions takes place, among others: under official Atlassian post .

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