Recruitment questions that you can arm yourself with as a Jira administrator

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Recruitment questions that you can arm yourself with as a Jira administrator

“What is the admin’s day like? Who is the decision maker? How does the team work?” On the market, not only knowledge and experience count, but also attitude and your will to develop. When applying for the Jira administrator position, it is worth taking the initiative and asking a few accurate questions. They will allow you to better understand your potential role, but also to establish a relationship with the recruiter or future employer.

The following questions were collected based on the experiences of Jira administrators. I hope they will be helpful for you as well.

What instance will I be working on (Server, DC, Cloud)? And how many users are active?

These are basic questions that you’ll probably know the answer to before you ask them. But if not, you know what to do.

Is it possible to propose my solutions?

The question is whether you will have an influence on the processes present in the company. In practice, it may turn out that it is not worth proposing changes because there is no time, funds oraz for some other reasons.

Are periodical maintenance works carried out?

Thanks to this question, you will quickly assess how the Jira instance is looked after. Remember, opportunity lurks where there is responsibility to take.

Are there any plans to migrate?

In a time of confusion with Atlassian licenses (end of Jira Server) many companies are considering migration to the cloud. In addition, it also happens that data is transferred between instances of the same type or migrated to Jira from another systems.

Do we have access to all the necessary resources?

It is not always obvious, sometimes the server, database or other components are beyond our control.

How big is the team? And how does the team work?

This will give you an idea of ​​how the work is organized. It is worth elaborating on this topic.

How many and which tasks are the most frequent during the week?

This will allow you to imagine what your typical day in a new company will look like.

Is there any development/training budget?

Atlassian certificates can never be too many:)

Who is the end customer?

So who will you support, who will request the changes and who will be the decision-maker.

Will I be in direct contact with the client?

That`s the continuation of the previous question. Will Business Analyst/Product Owner be an intermediary in collecting requirements?

Which is more important: customer satisfaction or system stability?

This is a bit provocative, but the answers can be interesting.

What’s the plan for the coming months?

Usually, the recruitment of a new administrator comes from some changes in the company or an increased volume of work.


This topic was covered also by Rodney Nissen on his blog The Jira Guy. Be sure to read it, so you can feel more comfortable in an interview – both in a role of a candidate and a recruiter.

Good luck!

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